Jim’s Hair Restoration Journey

Jim an ex-Liverpool FC and Everton FC Professional Footballer hadn’t really considered a hair transplant despite his hairline receding more and more, until he met a friend who had undergone a hair transplant by Dr Nazir and was thrilled with the results. This led Jim on his Hair restoration Journey with Dr Nazir.

Having had his procedure, we were thrilled to have Jim back in clinic to talk about his Hair Restoration journey…

Watch Jim’s story below…

Jim’s Procedure

Procedure: FUE Hair Transplant

Area: Hairline Restoration
Grafts: 2400

Listen to Jim’s motivation for wanting a hair transplant procedure

In this video Jim shares his experience of the procedure day, 

In this Video Jim talks about his life post transplant at Innovia Clinic

Rolands’ Hair Restoration Journey

Roland had been thinking about a Hair Transplant for some time and we were delighted that he chose Innovia. Having suffered hair loss for some time, when we did the detailed consultation with Roland, it was evident that a hair transplant would not only restore the physical aspects but would also really help bring back confidence for him. 

Having had his procedure in January 2024, we’re all really excited to have him back in clinic over the coming months to check on the progress… watch this space. 

Watch the video’s below where Roland describes his procedure day.

Roland’s Procedure

Procedure: FUE Hair Transplant

Procedure Date: Jan 2024
Area: Hairline and part-crown
Grafts: 2000

Take a look at what Roland has to say about Innovia Clinic

In this video Roland talks through his procedure day